Take Your Links to the Next Level With Smartlnks' Open in App Feature

Published: Dec 12, 20236min read

It’s no secret that links are critical when it comes to digital marketing. But what if there was a way to make them even more powerful? Well, now there is! Smartlnks’ Open in App feature takes link-sharing to the next level by allowing users to open the links they share in their native app instead of sending people to a website.


It’s an innovative new way to engage with your audience, track performance metrics, and create tailored experiences all in one. In this article, we’ll explain why you should consider using Smartlnks’ Open in App feature for your next campaign and how it works so you can get the most out of it.



What Is Smartlnks’ Open in App Feature?

Smartlnks’ Open in App feature takes link sharing to the next level and gives users even more control over the links they create and share. This feature allows users to open the links they create in their native app, removing the need for visitors to enter a url into a browser. Now visitors can open links directly from their app or email, keeping them engaged and on-brand.


From a marketing standpoint, Smartlnks’ Open in App feature can help increase brand recognition and engagement by allowing users to showcase their branding when sharing a link. It also gives users added control over where and how links are opened, helping them direct visitors to specific pages and apps for maximum engagement.




The analytics provided by Smartlnks’ Open in App feature offer detailed insights into link performance, including hourly and daily clicks by region, state, city, device type, platform, operating system, referral sources and more. With this data at hand, marketers can get an in-depth look at how people are interacting with their links — and make strategic decisions based on these insights.



Creating Custom Aliases, Subdomains and Schedules for Links

With Smartlnks, you don’t have to settle for generic URL links. You can create custom aliases, subdomains and schedules to take your links to the next level. This means you can customize your URLs with memorable words and phrases that will help you stand out from the crowd or complement your campaign’s theme. You can even choose a specific date and time when your link goes live and is ready to be used on any social media post, email or web page.


At any time, you’ll also be able to quickly see how many clicks each of your links have had or monitor the user’s location and traffic sources in order to adjust your strategy. Smartlnks’ analytics include hourly, daily, weekly and monthly clicks as well as region, state and city clicks. Additionally, you’u’ll be able to track device, platform, OS , device family and referral sources visits as well as domain visits so you can get an accurate picture of how your links are being used.



Setting Passwords, Permissions and Targeting Parameters With Smartlnks

One of the most powerful features of Smartlnks is its ability to set passwords, permissions and targeting parameters for any link. With these capabilities, you can control who has access to certain links and restrict them to certain devices or regions.



Using Smartlnks, you can secure a link with a password, so only those with the password will be able to access it. This is great for companies that want to protect sensitive information, keep confidential documents secure or customize promotions.



You can also choose who’s allowed to access your link — say, just robots or just mobile users — and create customized experiences for different readers based on their device type. You can even customize meta data like page titles or descriptions to make sure readers get what they need.




Targeting Parameters

Smartlnks also offers powerful geo-targeting capabilities so you can control where people are able to view your links and make sure they get the best possible experience when they click through.

Plus, with real-time analytics of clicks by hour, day, week and month as well as track location at a region, state and city level; tracking traffic sources by device type and platform; and referrals sources by domain or specific pages, you know exactly how people are engaging with your content.


Utilizing UTM Builders and Custom Meta Data

Smartlnks has a powerful UTM Builder that helps you maximize your link’s potential and measure engagement. These custom UTM parameters can track links from specific campaigns, ad platforms, emails and more, building your understanding of customer behavior.


What’s more, you can also add custom meta data to your links to enrich user engagement and significantly increase click-through rates. This custom meta data gives you the ability to add an image or video to your link on social media networks or in the search results.


And with all this powerful tracking and customization capability, it’s a no brainer that Smartlnks allows you to open links in their native app for mobile users, making the user experience more seamless and intuitive. These options give you total control over how your links are seen and used throughout the web. Even the analytics capabilities are next level — so you can start using Smartlnks today to take your links to the next level!



Analyzing Click Rates With Hourly, Daily and Weekly Clicks as Well as Geo & Device Targeting

Analyzing your click rates just got a whole lot easier with Smartlinks’ Open in App feature. With hourly, daily and weekly clicks, you can quickly see how many people have clicked on your links. And with the geo & device targeting option, you can take it one step further and target by region, state and city levels.


Plus, Smartlinks’ analytics give you access to even more information like what device they’re using, their platform or OS and device family. You can also track referral sources and domains so you get a complete picture of your audience.


Smartlnks’ Open in App feature makes it easy to understand your audience and track the success of your links all in one place.


Tracking Traffic Sources for Platforms, OSs, Device Family and Referral Sources

Another great thing about Smartlnks is that you can track the traffic sources for platforms, Operative Systems (OSs), device family and referral sources. Knowing this information will give you an even better picture of who is clicking on your links.

Smartlnks puts all the analytics data in one place, so you don’t have to fumble around in a bunch of different applications or Google Analytics. You just go to Smartlnks, and all the information is there!

Plus, with Smartlnks’ analytics, you even get insights for hourly clicks, daily clicks, weekly clicks, monthly clicks, region/state/city clicks etc. You also get to know about device type, platform type, OS type, device family and more. And you can use all this data to improve your click through rates.

So whether you’re setting up a new link or hoping to gain more insights regarding who is clicking through your link — Smartlnks has got you covered!



All in all, using Smartlinks’ Open in App feature is a great way to take your links to the next level. With the ability to create custom alias, subdomains, scheduled clicks limit, set passwords, add permissions, and more, you can make sure your links are perfectly tailored to your needs. Plus, the analytics features such as hourly and daily clicks, regional and state clicks, and device, platform and operating system level clicks allow you to get the insights you need to make sure you’re getting the most out of your links. With Smartlinks, you can easily make sure your app opener links are always working their hardest.