SmartLinks: Beyond Bitly & Other URL Shorteners

Published: Dec 12, 20236min read

Have you ever wanted to take control of your link-sharing process? From shortening URLs, to customizing them with just the right parameters, to tracking their performance—it can get a bit overwhelming. It's time to meet Smartlinks!


Smartlinks is the latest in URL-shortening technology. It goes beyond Bitly and other traditional link shorteners with powerful features that give you more control over how you share, measure, and track links. With Smartlinks, you can create custom aliases, subdomains, and even set passwords or permissions on links. Plus, it has powerful analytics that let you see how many people are clicking on your links and where those clicks come from in real time.


But wait—it gets better! You can also target audiences by location, device type, or even platform with Smartlinks. And if you want to include campaign-specific parameters like UTMs or tracking pixels? That's not a problem either! So buckle up and let's take a tour of Smartlinks and explore all the features it has to offer!


Introduction to Smartlinks

Are you looking for a reliable URL shortener that's more than just a link-truncating machine? Look no further than Smartlinks. It's a powerful tool for creating and managing smart links, with features that are simply not available elsewhere.


With Smartlinks you can easily create custom aliases and subdomains, schedule links, set click limits and even generate password-protected links. Plus, users can add permissions like allowing bots to crawl the link or geo-targeting and device targeting. And with Smartlinks you won't have to worry about whether your link will open in its native app thanks to its UTMs builder, custom metadata, or target pixel functions.


If you're looking to manage multiple links in one place, Smartlinks has you covered there too. Users can group their links into collections—basically campaigns—and view detailed analytics for each one as well as an all-links overview. From analytics to custom aliases, no other URL shortening service is as comprehensive as Smartlinks.


Features of Smartlinks

When it comes to URL shorteners, Smartlinks packs a big punch. Not only is it just as easy to use as the other URL shorteners out there, but Smartlinks takes the experience to a whole new level with a host of incredible features that can't be found anywhere else.


For starters, you can create custom aliases and subdomains for your links, allowing you to easily customize your branded URLs according to your own liking. You can also schedule links for specific dates and times, set clicks limits on them, add passwords and permissions such as allowing bots to crawl them.


But that's not all! Smartlinks also has a powerful UTM builder that allows you to track how effective your campaigns are by using custom meta data and target pixels. And finally, with Smartlinks you can open up links in their native app so users don't have to waste time searching for the right app or website.


Smartlinks also provides comprehensive analytics for each collection of links and links themselves - giving you an overview of performance and click-throughs that other URL shorteners simply can't match.


Create Custom Alias and Subdomains With Smartlinks

With Smartlinks, you get more than just a link shortening service. You can also create custom aliases and subdomains, to tailor your URLs to fit your brand. With custom aliases, you'll be able to keep your links looking professional, with a personalized URL that matches your domain. And with subdomain masking, you'll be able to redirect any domain to any link, without losing any of the features that Smartlinks offers.


But what's really cool about using Smartlinks is that you have more control over who sees your links and where they go. This is perfect if you have multiple websites and want to keep track of clicks from each site. Here are some of the features that make Smartlinks so great:


Set Password Protection

You can even set a password for certain links, allowing only specific people access—perfect for confidential information or private content.


Schedule Links

You can schedule links ahead of time too—say if you want to post something during peak times when more people are online—or set an expiration date so that users only see the link until a certain date or time.


Clicks Limit

You can limit how many clicks are allowed on a particular link before it expires and is no longer active. This feature is great for creating limited-time offers or promotions as part of an event or marketing campaign.


Scheduling Links With Smartlinks

Smartlinks is great for managing multiple links at once, and it's even better that you can now schedule each individual link when you want to share it. With its scheduling feature, you can delay each link individually or set them up to be shared multiple times. This means that you don’t need to worry about having to remember when you should be sharing the links—Smartlinks will do all the work for you.

In addition, Smartlinks also offers advanced features like:


Custom alias – You can create your own alias for any link


Subdomains – You can create a subdomain for your link and make use of vanity URLs


Clicks Limit – Set the number of clicks that your link should have before it automatically expires


Password Protection - To restrict access to your links and protect them from unauthorized visits


Permissions – Allow robots to crawl, geo & device targeting, utm builder, custom meta data & target pixel feature available with all these options.


Native App – Open your links in their native app.


Collections/Campaigns – Manage links in collections/campaigns with detailed analytics of collections, links and all links overviews.



With all these features available for your disposal with Smartlinks, it’s definitely one of the most comprehensive URL shorteners out there—and certainly a great alternative to Bitly!


Device and Geo Targeting Capabilities

When it comes to customizing and controlling the journey of a click, Smartlinks' device and geo targeting capabilities offer features that go beyond Bitly & other URL shorteners. The ability to target devices, geographies, and even OS let you send visitors to the best page for their situation.


For example, if you wanted a user in New York City to open your shopping app but one in London, England to open your website instead, you’d be able to do that with Smartlinks. That way you can help ensure customers get the correct experience for their situation—and this level of control is only available with Smartlinks.


Smartlinks also lets you:


Target specific operating systems (iOS/Android)


Set a geographic region for your link using country or regional codes


Create links just for mobile devices or desktops only


With built-in device targeting for mobile/desktop/tablet


Or set custom parameters such as browsers or OS versions


Create time-sensitive links by customizing when they should expire


Create smart links with unlimited meta data options



Understanding the Analytics of Smartlinks

If you want to track the success of your campaigns, even on a deeper level, Smartlinks is the way to go. Not only do you get real-time data on clicks and impressions, but it also offers more detailed analytics around your links and campaigns.


For example, you can break down insights by device and geography. That way, you can see how many people clicked through from a mobile device and how many were from a computer. You can even check out where people are clicking from around the world — great for understanding the reach of your campaigns.


You also have finer control over data collection from links generated with Smartlinks by using their Target Pixel feature. With this, you can gather user information that’s important to your brand or company and track it in one place for easier analysis.


Plus, Smartlinks offers analytics not just for individual links but for collections too. This makes it easier to analyze overall performance — for example, you can compare what kind of engagement different collections get in comparison to each other with visual charts that show performance over time. All in all, this gives users more understanding of what’s driving their success so they can get even better results!



The bottom line is that Smartlinks is a powerful and customizable link shortening tool that will help you optimize your links and track analytics on a whole different level. Whether you’re a marketer, business owner or online creator, Smartlinks can provide the link shortening and analytics solution that you need. With its many features, such as custom aliases, subdomains, scheduling, click limits, passwords, and more, it's the perfect tool for anyone looking for an in-depth link shortening and tracking experience. Try it out today and watch your productivity and link performance skyrocket.