Smart Link Generator: Open Links in App with SmartLnks

Published: Dec 12, 20237min read

Have you ever had the experience of struggling to manage links on the web? With so many links coming in from different sources, it can be hard to keep track of them all and make sure they’re secure. That’s why SmartLnks is such a great tool.


SmartLnks is the smart way to manage links on the web. With features like custom aliases, subdomains, scheduling, click limits, password protection and geo-targeting, it allows you to easily manage your links in one place and get a better overview of how they’re performing. That means no more messy spreadsheets or hunting for where you stored that link.


In this article, we’ll walk you through all the features SmartLnks has to offer and how it can revolutionize the way you manage your links online. Let’s get started!


Overview of Smartlnks Features

Have you heard of Smartlnks? It’s easy to use and powerful enough for any link manger’s needs. Smartlnks allows users to create custom aliases, subdomains, and schedule links. Plus, it includes features like clicks limit, set passwords, add permissions (like allowing bots to crawl), geo and device targeting, UTM builder, custom meta data and target pixels.


But that’s not all. You can also open links in their native app and then manage them in collections (sometimes referred to as campaigns) with a comprehensive overview of all collections and links analytics. That includes individual collection, link and subdomain analytics.


Put simply: Smartlnks is the comprehensive way to manage all your Links — allowing you to customize them with ease while tracking performance in real time!


Create a Custom Alias and Subdomain

Have you ever wanted to create a personal branded link or a custom subdomain to promote your brand? With Smartlnks, you can do both.


Creating a custom alias and subdomain is super easy. With just a few clicks you can go from generic unbranded links to memorable links that look and feel like part of your brand. Plus, Smartlnks has the ability to create multiple aliases and subdomains, making it simple to manage.




You have the option to map various domains with the same URL with an alias and also add your own rules for each domain name. Add in the ability to schedule links, configure clicks limits, set passwords, add permissions for bots and geo targeting, use UTM/track parameters and much more — it’s simply the smartest way to manage your links.


Schedule Links, Add Permissions and Set Password

Not only can you create custom alias, subdomains, clicks limit and geo and device targeting with Smartlnks, but you can also do some pretty amazing things like schedule links, add permissions like allowing bots to crawl, add custom meta data and target pixel. Best of all? You can open links in their native app — something you won’t get with most link management systems.


When it comes to scheduling links you want to get out there at a specific time, you no longer have worry about manually sharing them. Set up the schedule for your link once and let Smartlnks do the work for you.


You can also set password protection for each link. For example, if you’re sending someone a link that contains sensitive or personal information, then make sure your recipients are the only one who can access it by protecting the it with a password. It’s the extra layer of security that’ll make sure your information is safe and secure.


You can even give certain permissions or restrictions to your links in order for them to be seen by selected users or audiences. For instance, if you want bots to crawl your link but not human visitors then setting appropriate permissions allows that to happen — so useful!


Utilize Target Pixel and Meta Data

Smartlnks also gives you the power to set up target pixels and customize meta data. With a target pixel, you can add tracking pixels to your links so that you can get detailed information on how your links are performing and who they are resonating with. You can then use this insight to further refine and improve your link strategies.


And with meta data, you can easily customize the page title, description, and other page elements in order to make sure your link is optimized for search engine crawlers. This helps boost visibility of your links and increases the chances of people clicking on them. Smartlnks makes all of this incredibly easy and efficient.


Native App Link Opener and Collection Manager

If you’re looking for a way to manage links in collections and open them in their native app, then Smartlnks has some amazing features for you. With Smartlnks, users can create their own custom alias, subdomains, schedule a link, set a limit on the number of clicks it gets, add password protection and even permission settings. Plus, the UTMs builder helps you track analytics and the custom meta data makes it easy to personalize content.


But one of the best features is that you can open links in their native app — and Smartlnks makes it easy to manage those links in collections (aka campaigns). With all this power at your fingertips, you can easily track analytics from an overview of collections down to individual links and subdomains. That’s what makes Smartlnks so smart!


Analyzing Link, Collection & Subdomain Performance

You might not know that with Smartlnks you can keep track of the performance of your links, collections and subdomains. With their analytics, you can easily see all your collection and link analytics, and even analyze the performance of each individual collection, link and subdomain.


Smartlnks also allows you to view a detailed overview of all your collections and link analytics. You can easily see what’s working and what isn’t, so you can make the necessary changes to optimize your campaigns.




There’s also the ability to open links in their native app: whether it be Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, Smartlnks has got you covered. And with their UTM builder feature as well as device, geo and custom meta data targeting capabilities — you can really get granular when it comes to analyzing each type of link activity.


Smartlnks also gives users the ability to set click limits and passwords on certain links, allowing only those with access credentials to view them. And with the ability to target bots crawling the link — you can rest assured that your links will remain secure while still remaining visible on search engines.


All these features make Smartlnks a great choice for managing links for businesses who want maximum control over how their links are used.


Detailed Analytics

You’ll be impressed with Smartlnks’ analytics. Not only do you get an overview of all your collections and links, but you can also view separate collection, link and subdomain analytics. With this data, you can develop insights into the behavior of the people clicking your links and make adjustments to your campaigns accordingly.


For example, you can see data like average click duration, referrers, bounce rate, country or region distribution and device types. You can also monitor a link’s performance over specific periods of time so that you can quickly react to any changes in user action and optimize your marketing efforts to maximize their impact.


Have you ever wanted to leverage your online presence to increase your audience and boost engagement? With the right tools, it’s easier than you think! Smartlnks has more features than ever before to help you do just that. From App Opener and Link Opener to Target Pixel, UTM Builder, and even Custom Meta Data — you have the power to create stunning custom links that will drive more traffic, build more relationships, and skyrocket your success.


Let’s take a closer look at some of these amazing features and the possibilities they open up for content creators like you. Learn how Smartlnks can help you create custom alias, subdomains, schedule links with a click limit, set passwords for enhanced security, add permissions like allowing bots to crawl or geo and device targeting — and so much more! Plus, find out how you can open links in their native app and manage all your links in collections (or “campaigns”). Finally, explore the analytics section to get an overview of all your collections and their individual link analytics — plus seperate collection, link & subdomain analytics.



Smartlnks is the perfect solution for businesses and entrepreneurs who want to get the most out of their link-building strategies. With its powerful features and intuitive interface, you can streamline your link-building efforts and take control of your online presence. You’re no longer restricted to using generic links or manually managing redirects; now, you can create custom aliases, subdomains, schedule links, set passwords, and more. Plus, with the built-in UTM builder and Meta Data editor, you can customize your links to reach the right audiences and optimize your analytics. With Smartlnks, you can create the perfect links for your business and manage them easily, too.


Ready for a deep dive? Let’s go!