Dive Into App Opener and Link Opener: Target Pixel, UTM Builder & More

Published: Dec 12, 20236min read

Overview of Smartlinks Features

If you’re a YouTuber looking to get the most out of your content, look no further than Smartlinks. After all, the more control you have over your links, the more you can make sure they work hard for you. Smartlinks gives you all the features you need — from creating custom aliases, subdomains and schedules, to setting passwords and adding permissions like geo and device targeting.


And that’s not all! Smartlinks also allows users to open links in their native app — meaning that mobile users won’t need to be redirected to a web browser in order to click on them. Plus, with UTM Builder, custom meta data and target pixels, users can create hyper-targeted campaigns that are sure to drive more engagement.


Last but certainly not least is their analytics feature. Here users can access an overview of all their collections and links analytics as well as view separate collection, link and subdomains analytics — allowing them to track their campaigns performance easily.


Smartlinks offers the perfect combination of control and ease of use — making it a powerful tool for any YouTuber looking to get more out of their content!





Create a Custom Alias and Subdomain

If you’re looking to up your link game as a content creator, Smartlinks has the tools you need to make it happen. One of their top features is the ability to create a custom alias and subdomain.


This means that instead of using the same generic URL for each link you want to share on YouTube, you can create an eye-catching and memorable custom URL that helps make your content stand out. Creating subdomains allows for additional control over the location that viewers are taken to when they click on a link. You can also set permission so bots can crawl links from your website as well.




These custom URLs with subdomains also come along with great tracking capabilities. With UTM Builder, Target Pixel, and Custom Meta Data tools, you have greater control over tracking each link across websites and social media platforms. Plus, Smartlinks allows you to manage your links in collections or “campaigns” (who knows what they are called!), and view analytics separated by collections, links, and subdomains!



Schedule Links, Add Permissions and Set Password

Do you want to customize your link to be able to open it in a native app? If so, Smartlinks has you covered! With Smartlinks, you can schedule link activations and deactivations, set passwords, add permissions like allowing bots to crawl, and even add geo-targeting and device-targeting for optimal optimization.




It also comes with other features like UTM Builder and Target Pixel. UTM Builder helps you customize your links with parameters that you define yourself, so that when someone clicks on the link it takes them where you want them to go. Target Pixel lets you track your links more efficiently by adding tracking pixels so that you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.


These amazing features are meant to make your life easier as content creator — making sure that no matter where you send people they can access the content as expected. Take control of your links — all of them — with one simple click.



Utilize Target Pixel and Meta Data

You can optimize your links even more with Smartlinks. With their Target Pixel and Meta Data feature, you can tailor the way your viewers interact with your link.


Target Pixel allows you to track visits to your link with a specialized tracking pixel that goes into the background of the link and then passes info back to you. This helps you get real-time data on how many people are interested in clicking on your link.


Meta Data also offers more options for optimizing your link — you can add custom tags, such as author or category, so viewers can easily find the content they want without having to scroll around for it when they click through. Plus, if you have an app associated with your channel, it’ll open right away instead of going to a browser.



Native App Link Opener and Collection Manager

So let’s say you need to give a link to your YouTube followers and want them to open the link on the YouTube app. You don’t want it to open in the browser — that’s where Smartlinks comes in. Smartlinks’ Native App Link Opener feature allows you to do just that; users can open links in their native app with just a few clicks.


To top it off, when using Smartlinks, you can also manage all of your links in ‘collections’ — think of them like campaigns. This makes it easier to keep track of different types of content that each have their own URL, and can be viewed by one click.


In addition, with their analytics feature, you can view an overview of all collections and individual link analytics — including hourly clicks, location (region, state and city), traffic sources (device, platform OS, device family, referral sources and data domain) for any given collection or link subdomains — so you always know how your content is performing.



Analyzing Link, Collection & Subdomain Performance

Data is essential in making informed decisions, and Smartlinks provides you with a full suite of performance analytics to help you easily track and analyze the click performance of your links, collections, and subdomains.


Link Performance Analytics

Using Smartlinks, you can track hourly clicks, daily clicks, weekly clicks, monthly clicks, and more. Plus, you’ll get details on location activity such as region, state, city clicks. For even more granular insights into how your links are performing — break down your results by device type, platform type operating system types device family referral sources domain usage and beyond.


Collection Performance Analytics

Similar to link performance analytics you can also measure the success of your collections — groups of multiple links — over time. You can also see which locations generate the most traffic for a particular collection as well as what devices sources or platforms are driving clicks most often.


Subdomain Performance Analytics

When creating custom subdomains through Smartlinks you have access to subdomain-level analytics which show where your users are coming from (geographically) and how they’re consuming content from any given subdomain. This allows to optimize your content sharing strategies for maximum reach over time.


Detailed Analytics

For the truly data-driven among us, Smartlinks has even more to offer. You can access detailed analytics on each of your links, collections, and subdomains with its intuitive dashboard.





See how many times your links have been clicked over any time frame, from hourly clicks to daily clicks to monthly clicks.



Check out where people are clicking from — region, state, or city — all on one easy-to-read page.


Traffic Sources

View traffic sources like device type, platform, operating system, device family and referral sources for a comprehensive analysis.


And More!


Analytics also give you a look at user engagement by country and browser type so you can gain a better understanding of who’s clicking on your links. With all this incredible data at your fingertips, you’ll be able to make informed decisions that help boost your campaigns performance.



In conclusion, App Opener and Link Opener are powerful tools that allow users to create custom links and manage them with ease. With the ability to track users, optimize URLs, target by location, device and more, you can easily open links in their native app and monitor link performance. Whether you’re an experienced YouTube content creator, or just getting started, Smartlinks can make all the difference in your success.